We are currently selling our
                 Lobo, Greensleeves, Gala, Spartan,
and Honeycrisp varieties. 
OPEN 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM


Over the next week we will be picking the last of our varieties of APPLES (MacIntosh,  Empire,  Snow, Ida Red,  and Golden Delicious).   

We sell bagged apples in 5 lb, 1/4 bushel,1/2 bushel and
1 bushel sizes.   
We also allow pick-your-own from some of our dwarf trees. 

Deer apples $18.00/bushel, you pick off the ground.  

For those lovers of Ernie's Garlic, both Russian and Italian in large and medium size bulbs, it is now available. 

                      NEW THIS YEAR

Family Farm Raised Beef,   Grass Fed,   No added hormones

Government inspected, cut, wrapped & frozen 
by Farmersville Community Abattoir,  Athens, Ont.

Lean Ground Beef  $5.50/lb      $12.10/Kg

Square Burgers  $6.50/lb      $14.30/Kg   Packs of 4 burgers

Call 613-283-1788 to place your order

We accept CASH and DEBIT