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1761 County Road 16, at Eastons Corners, Ontario 
between Merrickville and Jasper      613-283-1788
1PM- 5PM weekdays,  9AM - 5PM weekends

Picked for you:  
McIntosh, Lobo, Cortland, Spartan, Gala, Ida Red 

Pick your own:
Spartan, Gala, Ida Red, McIntosh, Cortland

Varieties coming soon:
EmpireSnow Honeycrisp 
Golden Delicious 


  $6/5lbs,  $11/quarter bushel,
$18/half bushel, $32/bushel,

                        Deer Apples: 

You pick off the ground. Bring your own bags/boxes. $18/bushel 

 Fresh Apple Cider      
$5/quart,  $8/2 quarts,   $15/gallon










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